Present work load Somers Engineering

(Smaller projects not included)

Kasarani Apartments 2500 US$120.0M (Design stage)
We are responsible for construction management which will include procurement of all machinery, equipment and all aspects of construction. We have also carried out the design of structural and civil works.

High grove US$ 10.0M (Under Construction)
Contracting works for 24 high-end houses

Exeter investment US$ 4.0M (Completed)
We designed, built & sold 18 apartments near Aga Khan hospital, Parklands

Mbuya apartment Uganda US$ 5.0M (Construction stage)
High rise building, design and supervision of the civil and structural engineering work

Office of the President, South Sudan US$3.0M (Completed)
Designed and built the project for the Government of South Sudan (GOSS)

Airtel Kenya (Completed)
Designed and built structures to accommodate major renovation works of data centre.

Development of Houses on Limuru road US$40 M (Design stage)
Development of 40 timber houses

Sian Roses (Completed)
Sian roses is developing new flower farms in Eldoret , we are responsible for the design and construction of new warehouses for flower grading, cold stores and staff housing.

Apartments on Riverside drive US$5.0M (Design stage)
Will be responsible for contracting works and also carried out structural and civil design works.


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