We offer efficient Consulting Services that includes; Project Design (Civil and Structural Engineering Design including Mechanical and Electrical Services, Contract and Working Drawings), Research Projects (Studies related to greater economy of design, construction and operation of Engineering works),

Assessment of Tenders (Technical and financial evaluations of tenders; advice to the client on selection of contractor), Site Investigations (Planning and supervising site investigations, specialist testing of samples, interpreting and reporting results), Specifications, Tender and Contract Documents (Engineering specifications, bills of quantities, conditions of contract and tender documents), Supervision of Construction (Supervision of construction to ensure that work is carried out to specification and that financial control is exercised), Project Management (Management of multi-discipline projects including planning, staffing, organisation and budget control) and Technical Assistance and Project Appraisal (Provision of professional advice on engineering matters and projects. Secondment of individuals to project appraisal missions, specialist committees and other project teams)